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On June 12, 2017, at the office of International Consumer Product Investment Joint Stock Company, the entire Board of Directors and staff of International Consumer Product Investment Joint Stock Company (“ICP”) were Joyfully welcome our 2-year anniversary. This is also an opportunity to pay tribute to investors and all ICP staff, who have contributed to the development of ICP during the past 2 years.

In the opening speech, Mr. Nguyen Bao Quoc reviewed the difficulties and challenges experienced by ICP, achievements as well as unrealized things and future development orientation of ICP. 2 years of construction and development are 2 years of many challenges and difficulties in all aspects, not only for leaders at all levels of ICP but also for all employees in the Company. But with determination, with the honor of the people involved in the construction of the Company, industry reputation and responsibility for the shareholders, ICP has steadily gone up and developed continuously. These achievements are the result of silent sacrifices, the strong and relentless rise of all employees of the Company, the willing and effective help of investors, partners and customers.

And the best, most anticipated moment of the ceremony also arrived, in the shimmer of candles, champagne, birthday cake mixed with fireworks, the song “Happy Birthday to You” played brought everyone emotional moments. The whole hall together shouted “Happy 2-year-old ICP birthday. Happy birthday! ”. Not too many words, but the gazes and smiles of pride of all ICP employees are a testament to the success of ICP.

Next, there was the music show to congratulate the ICP birthday of the group and especially the special “Home grow, home made” performances of the company’s employees.

It can be said that, after 2 years of construction and development, the achievements of the International Consumer Product Investment Joint Stock Company are still modest, but initially created a foothold and confidence in the investors, partners and customers. The road ahead is still long, full of challenges, full of responsibility, requiring ICP staff to constantly study and create, must strive more to contribute to the stability and development of the Company.

The ceremony ended in a solemn and excited atmosphere of ICP body with determination to unite, stick, and unanimously to build a strong ICP in all aspects, contributing to the general development of society and the country.

It can be said that this is a meaningful gift from the Board of Directors of ICP instead of thanks to all employees of the Company, who have made very meaningful contributions to the development of the Company on the occasion of its 2-year anniversary.

The Board of Directors and employees of the company are determined, relentless efforts to develop a stronger system, to present more provinces and cities, to bring modern, civilized and convenient vending machine services to more Vietnamese people.

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