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On December 22, the National Traffic Safety Committee organized the 2016 Traffic Safety Conference in Hanoi to improving the quality of traffic order and safety management.

Attending the conference were the comrades: Truong Hoa Binh – Politburo member, Standing Deputy Prime Minister of the Government, Chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee; Truong Quang Nghia – Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Transport, Standing Vice Chairman of National Traffic Safety Committee; Le Dinh Tho – Deputy Minister of Transport, Deputy Head of Standing Committee of National Traffic Safety Committee; Khuat Viet Hung – Vice Chairman in charge of the National Traffic Safety Committee; representatives of the ministries, departments and central branches; traffic safety in provinces and municipalities; Nearly 500 scientists, experts in the field of traffic safety at home and abroad …

Traffic safety conference 2016 aims to publish, exchange and discuss scientific research results, practical experiences in the field of traffic safety and the possibility of practical application in Vietnam. The conference attracted scientists and researchers to analyze and propose specific solutions in order to ensuring traffic order and safety in Vietnam at present and in the coming years. The conference is also an opportunity to increase scientific research cooperation between regulatory agencies, scientific research organizations, and businesses in the field of traffic safety.

The main contents of the 2016 Traffic Safety Conference include 8 topics: Road traffic safety management; Road traffic infrastructure and organization; Road transport; Traffic participants; Responding to traffic accidents; Railway traffic safety; Inland waterway traffic safety; The International Session with the content “Researching insurance problems in Vietnam transport: shortcomings and solutions”.

The representative of S&B International Consumer Product Investment Joint Stock Company is proud to participate in the conference and accompany the Traffic Safety Committee in terms of communication on the LED screen through the company’s vending machine system.

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