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Low-cost and high-efficiency advertising on automatic vending system. You have any plan to join?

Currently, a network of POSs is located in 13 cities and provinces. At POSs in hospitals, schools, industrial parks and public areas, the S&B system provides its products for more than 1,000,000 people/day. Advertisements on S&B system are present on LCDs, banners on machine body and user’s mobile app, etc.

Benefits of advertising on S&B systems:

  • Directly reaching users:
  • With the current number of S&B machines, advertising on machine system is popular, and thus you cannot skip it.
  • Advertising on our machine system will help you directly reach users, transfer your message content to customers.

Brand awareness

  • Advertising on S&B system is a new type of advertising, creating an effective reminder for your advertising message.
  • Advertising on S&B system aims to supplement and strengthen overall advertising campaign.
  • Increased coverage and viewing frequency.

Cost efficiency

  • Lower cost than advertising on television, radio or newspapers.
  • Easily advertising for various products, contents.
  • Advertising message is seen on all days of the year.


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