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In August 2017, International Consumer Product Investment Joint Stock Company (ICP) and Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) officially signed a cooperation agreement to bring Vinamilk’s products to the S&B vending machine system.

Accordingly, the two sides committed to comprehensive cooperation in bringing Vinamilk’s products into the automatic retail infrastructure system with the Select & Buy (S&B) brand name of the International Consumer Product Investment Joint Stock Company ( ICP) nationwide with the aim of improving brand value as well as product quality of Vinamilk and S&B.

The event of signing the cooperation agreement to develop a distribution system on automatic retail infrastructure of the two companies today is an important basis for the long-term sustainable cooperation between the two companies, in line with the development trend and above all to meet the requirements of current socio-economic development ”, said Mr. Nguyen Bao Quoc – General Director of ICP.

“This is an important milestone in the comprehensive cooperation and development between the two companies. During the cooperation agreement, Vinamilk will always accompany ICP to bring Vietnamese consumers to experience Vinamilk products through automatic S&B outlets installed throughout Vietnam.

International Consumer Product Investment Joint Stock Company (ICP) is the owner and operator of automatic retail infrastructure spanning all three regions of the North, Mid and South Sides with the brand name of the system as S&B ( Select and Buy).

ICP’s mission is to create the highest value of convenience for Vietnamese people in modern consumption, at the same time bring rich experiences of new buying styles and maximizing utility on the platform of advanced technology.

In a short time of establishment and development of the system, up to now, ICP has built infrastructures of locations in hospitals, schools and industrial parks spreading across the North, Mid and South.

In addition, the company is now a diversified distributor of FMCG products with brands and reputations in the market, including many major strategic partners such as CocaCola, Ajinomoto, Tan Tan Group, Quang Ngai Sugar Joint Stock Company, Nestle….

Through automated retail infrastructure, ICP commits consumers to easily and conveniently access products – products of manufacturing enterprises – directly to consumers with guaranteed quality, preserved under the best ambient and temperature conditions.

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